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Cash-2-U Customer Testimonials

“Amanda and Tonesha have been so good to me. They answer all of my questions. I love to do business with them. I love both of them.” J.N.

“Cash-2-U is an excellent company who has always been there when I needed them, always providing outstanding customer service with a smile.” Rick F.

“I have been with Cash-2-U Loans (Virginia Beach) for some time now and find this location to be very nice and professional to do business with. Everyone I have done business with have been very courteous and helpful. I would be more than willing to refer this establishment to my friends and acquaintances. This company has been of tremendous assistance to me.” Patricia G.

“Cash-2-U has been very helpful when I found myself short on cash. They have worked with me for over two years and I have not had any problems with them or their employees.” Elton S.

“The company has been great.” Ronald B.

“I needed a loan fast. I was able to come to Cash-2-U, after being referred by a friend, and follow the quick process to get a loan. Cash-2-U is now my go to place when a loan is needed.” Kayla G.

“Every once in a while my bills get ahead of me. When they do, I’m able to get a loan and get through. I do like knowing I can get a loan here, so I don’t stress” M.R.

“Cash-2-U has been a big help to me, especially in cases of emergency. The staff is helpful and friendly.” E.H.

“I would like to compliment the staff at Cash-2-U. I am a long time customer and they have always been professional, prompt, and courteous and all you can expect from a loan company. I would like to say thank you for being there for me through my hard times.” James B.

“I came to Cash-2-U because I was in a financial bind. Thanks Cash-2-U, because you helped me keep what I almost lost.” C.J.

“I came to Cash-2-U Loans because I needed a small loan to pay bills. They have been very helpful for me.” William A.

“I have enjoyed doing business with Cash-2-U because they are friendly and very efficient. I have had three loans with them and would recommend them to anyone.” P.J.

“The staff here have been helpful and understanding and I will always recommend this place.” Leslie J.

“Customer service was excellent.” Harry F.

“We came to Cash-2-U for hard ship times. You have helped us in so many ways. We are so grateful for your help.” The P. Family

“Cash-2-U has always come through in my time of need and is greatly appreciated.” J.W.

“I came to Cash-2-U to help meet bills and monetary needs on time, when the pay check was still a few days away. Cash-2-U has always been right on time. It has really helped when things were tight or when we needed just a little extra.” Kelli V.

“Whenever I come my service is great and I would send anyone who needs a few bucks to make it to the next week to come to Cash-2-U.” S.G.

“I am pleased in the quality of service that you rendered throughout the year.” E.G.

“I have been coming to Cash-2-U off and on for a few years now and they are always there when I need a few extra dollars to stretch out the month. Also, I like that everyone knows me when I come in. I am not just a number. Thanks Cash-2-U!” Tia P.

“Cash-2-U is always there when I need a small loan quickly. They are fast, efficient and very cordial.” Robin L.

“My experience thus far has been pleasant and the staff very professional.” K.T.

“I have been coming to the Fredericksburg location since they opened. I’m pleased with the customer service. They are wonderful.” L.M.

“I have received the best care from this branch. All of the employees here are great.” Willie W.

“Great customer service, no long lines or waiting period. You get in and out. Came in for money to help with bills and got it. I would always tell anyone who is in need, to come in.” A.E.

“The customer service at Cash-2-U is excellent. My husband and I have done business with you for on and off at least ten years. I would recommend this branch to anyone. We have never experienced a problem.” Sandra S.




Due to recent law changes in Virginia, Cash-2-U Financial Services is no longer offering loans