Trust Cash-2-U With Your Fast Cash Needs

When you work with Cash-2-U, you’ll work with a straightforward, reputable revolving line of credit loan company in Virginia.

As the premier auto and title loan company in Virginia, Cash-2-U understands that emergencies sometimes happen. Banks are often unable or unwilling to provide customers with fast access to cash.


At Cash-2-U, you can get easy access to auto title loans that are trustworthy, reliable and fair.

Installment Loans From Cash-2-U

Cash-2-U provides revolving line of credit loans and auto title loans with no hassle and no upfront fees. When you choose Cash-2-U, you’ll work with friendly and professional staff members who can fund your loan in cash in as little as 20 minutes. Get fast access to loans ranging from $200 to $10,000 in minutes, provided you meet a few basic requirements. We ask for a minimal amount of paperwork and complete a short inspection of your car before final approval. You can then use the funds how you see fit — it’s that simple.

Cash-2-U provides clear and easy-to-understand loan terms. We go the extra mile to encourage responsible use of auto title loans, alternatives to payday loans, and revolving lines of credit.

Use Funds as You See Fit

One of the biggest benefits of doing business with a car title loan company is the freedom you enjoy once your money is in hand. Traditional bankers want you to justify your application, and many times they have the ability to disapprove borrowers based on what they perceive as risks. You’re able to use the money from your Virginia title loan for any situation that arises.

Person paying utility bills after receiving loan

Cash-2-U provides immediate relief to people needing emergency dental work but who need to pay for services in advance due to a lack of insurance or poor-quality coverage. We help cover utility bills, accidental damage and costs associated with car breakdowns. We pride ourselves on being a trusted emergency resource for Virginia residents in need.

You can also use our funding wisely, to prevent your bank account from becoming overextended and for savvy shoppers who want to take advantage of significant sale prices. If you don’t have the credit available to cash in on deep discounts for items you’re going to buy anyway, working with local title loan companies for quick financing is a safe and convenient alternative.

In many ways, Cash-2-U helps you make the most of your money!

Loan Terms

Every Cash-2-U auto title loan and revolving line of credit loan we issue meets the stringent requirements set forth by the state of Virginia. For auto title loans, borrow $50 to $10,000 for up to 12 months. For alternatives to revolving line of credit loans, borrow $200 to $1,000. For revolving lines of credit, get advanced payments in cash up to $1,000. Virginia title loans and revolving lines of credit are big improvements over payday loans, which is why we offer them as quick and convenient lending alternatives.

Whichever lending method you choose, you can be in and out with the cash you need in record time. With the proper documentation, Cash-2-U can process your loan in 20 minutes or less.

Trust Cash-2-U for the Reliability You Need

Cash-2-U can get you the money you need from a source you trust in a hurry. To learn more about our auto title loan and revolving line of credit programs, call Cash-2-U at 301-440-5364. Visit one of our 19 Virginia locations for immediate service.

Due to recent law changes in Virginia, Cash-2-U Financial Services is no longer offering loans